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June 2010

Dear Friends,

While his health has improved steadily, Vann Nath has decided to fly to Bangkok with his family in order to replace the fistula which allows dialysis through his left forearm. This operation was necessary because the fistula was in bad condition. Removing it was easy and without risk for him. The old fistula has now been taken out. Vann Nath has checked out of the hospital with a temporary fistula. The doctors know him and took really good care of him. Vann Nath has now returned to Phnom Penh. He will have to go back to Bangkok for a médical follow up and for a brand new fistula to be put in a permanent fashion. The new fistula would then last several years and conditions would be met for this health to stabilize as well as possible. Meanwhile, Vann Nath has been eating and sleeping normally, getting stronger every day.

If you want to further support Vann Nath and help him with medical care and dialysis, please send your donation to Le Cercle des Amis de Vann Nath (Vann Nath's Friends Association), which is chaired by Jean-Sien Kin. This French association has set up a PayPal payment on its website (http://lecercledesamisdevannnath.blogspot.com). You can also contact them by email (asso.cavn@gmail.com) and ask for bank account details. Mailing can be sent to the following address:

Association Le Cercle des Amis de Vann Nath c/o Marie-Sophie Ly 18 rue Emilio Castelar 75012 Paris France

We will send you updates on Vann Nath's health condition in the coming weeks. We thank you all for your solidarity.

Rithy Panh

Vann Nath Video

Vann Nath says hello and "thank you" to his friends and supporters in Khmer.

UPDATE: May 03 2010

Dear Friends

As promised, we wish to update you on Vann Nath's health one week after many of you expressed their support during such difficult times.

Vann Nath's condition has improved. The haemorrhage was stopped. He remains under the close observation of a remarkable medical team. Vann Nath is in higher spirits. He can speak and has slowly resumed eating. Such improvement now needs to be consolidated.

When he checks out of the hospital, he will need to be provided with close medical care. In particular, he will need regular, high-quality dialysis. He needs to get his strength back before being able to undergo possible surgery. The need for such operation would be assessed in the coming months. It would require him to be in the best shape possible before this is undertaken. It also appears that such surgery would be best organized in Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, or Singapore. This, of course, would mean further expenses for the family.

Following our appeal, friends of Vann Nath have sent donations directly to his bank account in Cambodia. Other donations are still currently received on bank accounts in France and the United States, details of which have been forwarded by us upon request. Funds collected by the Bophana Center have been given directly to Vann Nath's family and we will continue to do so this week. A detailed list of donors and donations will be handed over to Vann Nath.

We are not yet in a position to let you know if the amount of money that has been collected through the Bophana Center to date – about 8,400 USD – can cover all medical costs but you must be assured that they have been vital to his family in order to cope with costly needs.

We will keep you updated on Vann Nath's health situation next week. In the meantime, we wish to express our deepest thanks and gratitude to all of you for your prompt reaction, solidarity, and generosity, which have been of tremendous importance to help Vann Nath at a particularly critical moment.

Rithy Panh

Dear Friends

Please allow me to send you this urgent call for help.

Vann Nath whom you all know as a S-21 survivor, a painter and a restless and dedicated witness of the Khmer Rouge regime atrocities has been admitted on Tuesday to the emergency unit at Calmette Hospital, in Phnom Penh: This is the only institution which seems to be able to treat the bowel (duodenom) and stomach haemorrhage he is suffering from (though, I am not in position to give you further details).

Vann Nath is fighting for his life, and his wife and children stand by him. However, their financial resources cannot sustain such medical costs for long.

With Vann Nath's agreement, I am therefore sending this appeal for funds in order to help his family to pay for medical bills and to support them through such painful struggle. Whatever the amount, any donation you may send will show your solidarity and support to him and his family.

I am very grateful for any contribution you may give.

Donations can be sent in a sealed envelope to Elen Gallien (elen.gallien @ bophana.org), at the Bophana Center (n°64 street 200). She is in charge of collecting all donations. Her telephone number is 092 132 718.

I truly thank you for your help.

Morover, if any of you's blood type is A+ or O+ and is willing to donate their blood, please give me your contact details so that we can contact you whenever that might be necessary.

Best wishes and many thanks,

Rithy Panh

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Elen Gallian
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